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Post by Dansu on Thu Aug 18, 2016 4:24 pm

Here are some basic rules for workshops. Please read through them before you post!

  1. Keep it civil. If you don't agree with something someone says, discuss it in PMs please.
  2. No flaming. This is a project to better someone's writing. Comments saying "YOU SUCK" will be deleted and the user will be given a warning. If this behavior turns into bullying, you will be banned.
  3. While commenting on other peoples' work is recommended, it is not required.
  4. For people posting work: Discuss a little about what you want people reading to specific look for. Need work on dialogue? Mention it. POV? Mention it.
  5. Clearly mark if a post if going to contain harsh language or non-explicit sexual content. Make sure the warning is at the beginning of the post and follows this format:

    WARNING: this work contains harsh language and mentions of self-harm

    Code used: [ color=#f00055 ] [ b ] YOUR TEXT HERE [ / b] [ / color]. Remove the extra spaces!
  6. Mention if you want people going over spelling and grammar.
  7. Try to remember that the comments are meant to help you improve, we all want to help you and see you succeed. Sometimes hearing what isn't as good in one of your pieces hurts, but remember that we're all rooting for you.

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